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Tip section for a part-time hanseat

Inside tips for a special hamburg visit

Here, we have listed special tips, secret places and trails apart from the main tourist attractions in Hamburg. Have the courage to leave the known paths and go on a exploration with tips from our hotel employees and former guests - because these tips are the most special ones.

Rent a bike

Discover Hamburg by bike! You can rent a bike for 12.00€ per day and bike at the reception of our partner hotel. Have fun at your bike tour.

Reception at the Holiday Inn

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Gym lounge

Do not interrupt your fitness plan during your stay in the Bridge Inn Hotel. In the lounge of the second floor you can use two treadmills and two bicycles. And this free of charge!

Opening hours: 8 am – 8 pm

lounge on the second floor of the Bridge Inn Hotel

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Hotel Hamburg Fitnessraum Laufband

St. Michaelis Church

This distinctive landmark in Hamburg is better known locally as the "Michel". Visitors can admire the church's impressive central vaulted nave, containing three music organs, and enjoy a beautiful view of the city from the tower.

Opening times: May to October: 9am – 8pm; November to April: 10am to 6pm.
Public transport: U3, station 'Baumwall' / Bus line 112 or 37, stop 'Michaeliskirche'
Parking: P …

Englische Planke 1a, 20459 Hamburg

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Hamburg City tours

Experience Hamburg's hot spots live with certified guides and explore Hamburg on your own. The traditional red buses run every day from 7.30am to 5.00pm.

The tour normally starts from landing stages 1 – 2 and from Central Station/ Kirchenallee and lasts approx. 1 hour and 35 minutes.

You can choose whether to start or finish the city tour at any of the 27 stops. With the day ticket visitors to …

Hamburg Citytours, Kirchdorfer Strasse 114, 21109 Hamburg

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snack machine in the Bridge Inn Hotel

You get hungry and all food outlets are closed?

On the 1. floor, the transition to the partner hotel, you will find a snack machine.

Corny, Snickers and Co are waiting for you.

Bridge Inn Hotel, 1. floor to the partner hotel

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Fischbeisl - fish sanwiches

As a part-time hanseat you definitely have to eat a fish sandwich because this is a part of hanseatic culture.

We took on a burden and tested many fish sandwich shops in Hamburg. We tried round sandwiches, cornered sandwiches, fresh sandwisches, crisp sandwiches with salmon, matie, fried fish, eel, mackerel, shrimps etc. Our clear favourite has been the fish sandwich from the shop "Fischbeisl". …

Große Elbstraße 131, 22767 Hamburg

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Budget Hotel Bridge Inn Hamburg Gastrotipp Fischbeisl-Fischbrötchen

Kieztour - a tour of the most sinful discrict of Hamburg

You should definitely know that St. Pauli is more than a sinful district. The Beatles, the King of "Kiez", Olivia Jones and a lot of more people have left marks here and contributed to an uncomparable flair.

During a 2-h- tour along the famous Hamburger Kiez you will get to know interessting stories about the party area, which is a residential district at the same time. You will see the cashpoint …

Exit U-Bahn St. Pauli, 20359 Hamburg

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